Chadni wants to be the Moonlight, which dispels darkness

Being an underprivileged child, Chadni faced various hardships especially after her father’s second marriage. Her father refused to contribute to the family’s expenses. Her mother suffered from illness all of the time and couldn’t do any work. Her family was starving. Since she didn’t have any other relatives who could help, she began begging to help her family. Her older sister got a job as domestic worker. But this situation left Chadni and her younger sister with no shelter. They lived on the streets being subjected to various kinds of verbal and physical humiliation and in a constant state of ill health.

Chadni wanted to be educated and hold a steady job to support her family. However, due to her financial struggle she couldn’t continue her study.

One day, as Chadni was begging in front of Adabor bazaar, an employee of ASD witnessed her condition. After listening to her tragic story, she was then offered to come live at ASD’s Drop In Center named ‘Ananda Nibash’. Considering the risk, she and her sister were in, the higher authority included them in the ASD family. Since then, they have been living there.

Since then, Chadni got admitted in a govt. primary school and currently she is a student of class 10. She is very dedicated to her studies and. She is also an avid participant of different cultural programs.

She is outstanding in extracurricular activities such as singing, dancing and drawing. Every year, she achieves many prizes from various competitions. Recently, Chadni got award from a drawing competition from Bangladesh Shishu Academy.

Over the time Chadni’s cooking skills have improved greatly. After receiving vocational training on baking, she can make delicious foods and bakery items. Thus, Chadni wants to work in or start her own catering business. She feels an immense appreciation for ASD for helping her through some of her toughest days.


Shahed wants to build his own life by himself

Shahed was born to a happy family which included his parents and a sister. But, after his father death of a brain stroke everything changed.

His mother was a housewife at that time, and the family of three had to move due to limited cash. Then one day news came that shaheds mother had remarried. Hunger and desperation led to shahed begging on the streets. He slept on the road or in front of mosques. He was scouted by and ASD officer and brought to Ananda Nibash.

At first, he was admitted to school and then the staff encouraged him to pursue extracurricular activities. He was also brought under various life-oriented programs like health awareness sessions, life skills training, psychosocial counseling sessions and various rights programs like child rights week observance, child labor and eradication.

During his time at Ananda Nibash Shahed’s mother came to visit him a few times. But when he came down with tuberculosis ASD was solely funding his hospital bills. During his time, he was also admitted to medical institutions for chest pain. But thankfully over time he has made a full recovery.

Recently he has completed training in a ‘Basic Driving Auto gear’ course so that he can be free and self-reliant. Shahed has seen the cruel side of life in this very early age that made him practical. He knows that he has to take care of himself. Therefore he has focused on organizing his life. He doesn’t want to depend on anybody. 


Asma is more confident now

Ashma Akter is 15 years old adolescent girl who lives with parents at Britishpara, Jadimura Camp # 27, Block: A # 10, Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Like other Forcibly Displaced Myanmar National (FDMN) community, her family got entrance into Bangladesh during the last influx in 2017. Ashma never went to school in Myanmar, as her community in Myanmar thinks that the girl child is only for domestic works at home who will live as a housewife in future.

Action for Social Development (ASD) is one of the pioneer organizations which is confirming its services for the development of adolescents in Camp 27 and also in Sabrang in Cox’sbazar. Once the ASD team went to Ashma’s house and motivated her parents for sending their child into the Adolescent Friendly Space (AFS). Since then Ashma and her elder sister started to come to the British Para-AFS and learnt how to write their name and address in detail. Ashma also attended in literacy-numeracy and life skill sessions as well as different types of awareness sessions. However, her parents and other family members were covered under different services of ASD such as parenting session, courtyard meeting, consultation meeting, psychosocial counseling and connectivity with Adolescent Safety Network and Community Based Protection Committee (CBPC). They now have knowledge about demerits of early child marriage, child labor, drugs, human trafficking, child exploitation, gender based violence (GBV) etc. Therefore, her parents and other all have got a reputed scope to bring a radical positive change in lives and maintain a tremendous cohesion in making a balanced family where she (Ashma) is now feeling most comfort.

Since the very beginning, Ashma was very upset but she had overcome her depression after getting psychosocial counseling. She was also provided occupational skills development training on cap making from the AFS. Within a short time, she learned about how to make cap making very well. Now she is competent in making cap with excellent quality. She offers some of her productive items to her relatives, neighbors and others. She can contribute to her family through her skills. Besides, she is sufficiently conscious to play a crucial role against all negative consequences of FDMN community. Her parents are very happy to see her progress.  Now she feels very happy, relax and confident than before. Thus she is very grateful to ASD for bringing a change in her life absolutely.


A fight against Child labour: Rahman Ullah is enjoying his childhood now

Rahman Ullah is an adolescent of 16 years old. Once upon a time all of his family spent a joyful stage at Mongdhu, Myanmar. But the happiness suddenly cut to a dazzle sign owing to a world largest influx there. It was about the September in 2017, he crossed over the borderwith his family. Currently he is living Britishpara, Block# A-10 under Camp # 27, Teknaf, Cox’sBazar, Bangladesh. It was undeniably a very inflexible time for them. Moreover, his elder brother could not do anything due to his physically floppy. In this circumstance, his father is the only earning fellow of their big family who is also an aged one. To maintain the family expenditure, his father seldom uses to work as a day laborer who gets a very few payments for it. But it is not enough to uphold their family within a minimum standard.

In 2019, Rahman Ullah was enrolled as an adolescent at Robi Tower Adolescent Friendly Space (AFS) which is operated by Action for Social Development (ASD). Since his beginning, he was the most punctual who used to come to the AFS regularly. He was found so attentive in his daily sessions around the AFS and learned many issues from the AFS. He also attended in different types of awareness sessions, life skills sessions and receive literacy-numeracy education etc. He was found very distressed one about her life. He came to the AFS but he was very inactive in AFS functioning. Then he was noticeable to provide counseling for his mental health well-being. At last he felt relaxed and have overcome his problems with holds out his attention into AFS base activities at all.

One day the Centre Facilitator noticed that he had not been coming to the AFS for some days. Then the teacher asked his peer and other acquaintance about him. But noone couldn’t exactly know the reason of his absence into the AFS. The Center Facilitator went to Rahman’s house and met with his parents. Parents added that their son would not go to AFS further because he started working as a gas cylinder bearer and earned money for the family. His parents were quite happy with this. After hearing, the teacher shared this information to the Counselor. The Counselor confirmed to take the case and made a plan to do comprehensive assessment for this adolescent. The Counselor asked Rahman’s flexible time to talk to him and assured him that she would not share any information without his permission. Rahman shared that it was very hard to bear the Cylinder Gas. He did not want to work. He wanted to be attentive into AFS again, he missed AFS activities so much and he wanted to play with his friends. The Counselor then went to their house and motivated his parents to stop him from going to the work repeated the demerits of child labor. She was also able to make understand to Rahman parents about consequences of child labor. The Community Mobilizer (CM) also conducted a parenting meeting as awareness to stop the child labor as negative consequence and barrier to adolescent growth. The parents and Rahman both were agreed not to do any heavy work further which is harmful for him.

Now Rahman Ullah comes to the AFS regularly and does active participation as before and he becomes resilience than before. For this he is very pleased to ASD.