1. Name of the Project:  Development of Children at High Risk (DCHR) Project, Dhaka.

Implementation period:  Jan. 2017 to Dec 2019.          Source of Fund:  BftW Germany

Working area:  Mohammadpur, Dhaka.                         Coverage:   3440

Major activities:  Pre-school education, follow-up and mainstreaming education, Establish and running Drop in Centers for both street children and child domestics, and provide night shelter facilities for homeless street children (30 girls and 30 boys), provide basic services like education, sleeping and resting, recreation, bathing and cleaning, health services, counseling and life skill training, vocational skill development training etc. for all the beneficiaries. Support children’s savings programme, Reintegration and mainstreaming of the targeted street children with the family and society, Create non-hazardous job opportunity for the street children who are 14 years old or above, Advocacy programme with policy makers, employers, guardians and media for child domestics  so that child domestic issue is incorporated with the national policy.

Amount of grants:  Tk.  6,45,21,141.00

2. Name of the Project:   Micro Finance Programme for Urban Poor (MFPUP)

Implementation period:  2008- continued                      Source of Fund : Participants’ savings

Working area:  Mohammadpur, Dhaka.                         Coverage:   2654 group members

Major activities:   Savings and Credit                           Amount of savings: Tk.1,30,47,288.00