Action for Social Development (ASD) is a Non Government Organization of Bangladeshi origin established in 1988. It has been registered with concerned government ministries as a development organization of non-profit and non-political character dedicated for the cause of distressed humanity. Since its inception ASD has been exerting its relentless efforts to ensure poor peoples’ participation in the development process so that they can bring about desired changes in their life. What ASD intends is to facilitate them for improving quality of their life through their access to social, institutional and public resources.
Year of Establishment: 1988.
Structure of ASD:
A 21-member General Body (GB) functions as the highest decision making organ of ASD. An Executive Committee (EC) of 7 members, which is elected for 2-year term sits quarterly to look after the activities of the organization and takes necessary policy decisions. The EC approves annual plans and budget and monitor the activity progress and financial updates. The day-to-day operational responsibility lies with the Executive Director, who as the chief executive leads the organization as per policy guidelines and manual approved by the EC and GB
The Executive Committee (EC) of ASD:
The 7-member EC headed by Chairperson sits quarterly basis, when necessary on emergency basis to look after the overall performance of the organization as per plans and policies. Besides performing constitutional responsibilities the EC provides strategic directions to the management in the context of current socio-economic situation and gives in-depth inputs to formulate strategic plans. The EC is comprised of persons from various professions having wide experience, competency and commitment for the development of the poor communities.
List of EC Members:

Sl #


Position in EC



Mr. Shueb Ahmad


Advocate Supreme Court 
Ex- Asst. Attorney General


Dr. Altaf Hossain


NGO Professional 


Mr. Jamil Hussain Chowdhury

Secretary General

Executive Director of ASD

Researcher & Development Practitioner

04. Mr. Anjan Kumar Deb  Treasurer Principal, A.K. Deb & Co. (Chartered Accountants)


Professor Shamsun Nahar Masud

Executive Member 

Professor of Economics (Rtd.), T&T College, Dhaka.


Mr. A.N.S. Habibur Rahman

Executive Member 

Education & Development Specialist


Ms. Syeda Shamsun Nahar

Executive Member  

Advocate, Dhaka Judge Court

ASD Core Management Team:
The day-to-day functions of the organization are managed by a Core Management Team, which is chaired by the Executive Director.
Members of the Core Management Team:

Mr. Jamil H. Chowdhury, Executive Director

Mr. Muzammal Hoque, Deputy Executive Director

Mr. M. A. Karim, Programme Director

Ms. Suborna Jesmin, Manager, Finance

ASD has 4 functional units headed by Executive Director. These units are:
Program Unit headed by Program Director
Finance Unit headed by Manage, Finance
Monitoring Unit headed by Manager, Monitoring, Research & Documentation
Administration Unit headed by Administrative Officer
All these units are responsible to Executive Director through their respective unit heads. The unit staffs are responsible to their unit head through their supervisors. The individual units maintain both horizontal and vertical relationships with each other for coordination and cooperation amongst them for smooth implementation of organization’s plans and programs. ASD Core Management Team headed by Executive Director is comprised of all these unit heads and plays vital role of coordination among all the functional units and branch/project offices.
Human Resource:




Regular Staff




Part-time Staff




Community Volunteer