Formerly Assistance for Slum Dwellers (ASD) 

Action for Social Development (ASD) formerly Assistance for Slum Dwellers (ASD) is a non-profit and non-government organization dedicated to assisting slum dwellers, especially children, adolescents and women to lessen their sufferings and uplift their lots.
We believe that our clients have immense potentials to overcome their difficulties, if their active participation in all steps of the development process is ensured.
ASD envisions a society where all strata of people irrespective of their ethnic and cultural affiliation will live an honoured and peaceful life enjoying their constitutional, democratic and human rights. 

Mission Statement of ASD:
ASD’s mission is to facilitate the poor for creating solidarity among themselves, building their capacity, establishing their linkage with resources, improving their bargaining position and making possible alternative income earning opportunities. ASD believes, it is access to basic human needs like food, education, health and nutrition, rights and justice, information and community institution along with access to income earning opportunities will improve the socio-economic condition of the poor. Based on this belief and mission, ASD has set its interventions to have access of the poor to (a) Food (b) Education (c) Health and Nutrition   (d) Rights and justice (e) Water and Sanitation (f) Information (g) Institution Building (h) Skills Development (i) Savings & Credit and (j) Climate Change.

Our Major Area of Focus :
Promotion of Child Protection policy
Create alternative child friendly income options for children at risk
Ensure child friendly environment establishing Drop in Center for Street Children
Night Shelter Facilities  and Nutritional support
Stop using children in hazardous jobs.
Protect street children from physical, sexual and mental abuse.
Stop corporal punishment of children at school and family levels.

Meeting: ASD and the Parliamentary Caucus on Child Rights on 18 September 2018

The Daily Ittefaq News, 19 July 2018

Online News-Ittefaq Prog.

Roundtable Discussion, Ittefaq, 18 July 2018

Dialogue Session with NHRC_Online News_DCHR Project_ASD

ASD Profile

Dissemination Workshop of DCHR Project

International Women's Day 2017

National Dialogue, CIRDAP, 2016

DCHR Project Brochure 

National level seminar, DCHR Project (21 December, 2016) 

Roundtable discussion on Protection of Domestic Workers and present situation (DCHR Project)

Annual Report-2016

Annual Report-2015

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